Monday, January 30, 2012

Me vs. Me

Almost every Saturday when my alarm goes off (as if that isn't bad enough... an alarm on a Saturday should be a crime), I open my eyes and immediately dread what's in front of me: The Long Run. In these still sleepy, warm, comfy under the covers moments, the novelty of running a marathon has run out, and the task ahead just seems like brutal, mind numbing, painful work.

But then I run.

After about the first mile my body starts warming up and getting used to the exertion, and I actually start enjoying myself. I hit milestones and goals that my pre-marathon self would be astounded by.

It's a great feeling, and it's one that I never would have known without training like this. And while my motivation will wax and wane, I'm trying as hard as I can to keep that feeling with me all the time. If I don't, I'm really only cheating myself.

Running is a pretty honest sport. Barring any injuries, my success is something that is completely under my control. I can't 100% control what happens at work. I can't will my house to sell. I can't change the way other people act. But this... this is about MY work ethic, MY ability to push myself, and MY discipline. Just me.
This week's long run was 12 miles on Saturday. It went pretty well, but I did take some breaks. I also tried a fuel gel for the first time. For anyone who isn't familiar, gels are little packets of carbs and caffeine. It's a way to get extra fuel on the go, and Trainer Dan wants me to start finding the best fit for me as we get closer to race time. This is what I got (I didn't litter, by the way, this was just for photo purposes):

I will not describe what GU (pronounced "goo") actually tastes like because my mother reads this blog. But... I now understand what the man at the running shop meant when he said he "tolerated" running gels. I think it really did help with my energy though. I guess I will just learn to suffer, or perhaps find some better tasting alternatives.

Another product review for you... I needed water during my long runs, so I bought this:

It was strange getting used to water sloshing in my hand, but after two runs with an attached bottle, I really like it! Plus it has a pocket to keep my keys and whatever gross gels I'm choking down that day...

Well, as always, if any of you are curious, my training schedule for the week is posted below, and you can find this week's NBC29 Marathon Monday segment here!

Have a great week!

Sunday- Off (or non-weight bearing exercise)
Monday- Off (or non-weight bearing exercise)
Tuesday- Run 5 miles
Wednesday- Run 7 miles
Thursday- Run 5 miles
Friday- Off (or non-weight bearing exercise)
Saturday- Run 8 miles

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