Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting over the yucks, and learning to be social...

Getting over the yucks
So after my no motivation pity party last week, I think I'm finally getting back into the zone. For a while there I wanted no part of running, and I was just going through the motions because I had to. I think that feeling of responsibility comes with the territory when you announce your training plan on the nightly news.

But you know what? I'm glad I'm doing this in such a public way. If I was on my own in this, I probably would have thrown in the towel by now, or downgraded myself to a half marathon. I can honestly say now: the training "yucks" are something you can overcome. This is a new life lesson for me, because I have never gotten over that hump. Let's just say I have thrown in my share of towels over the years.

Learning to be social
Typically I'm a solo runner. Running with others kind of stresses me out, because I'm constantly worrying about my pace. I'll start out too fast and way out of my comfort zone, only to tire quickly. That leads to even more stress because I need to walk... etc. etc. Bottom line: social running has never been my thing.

But... for this week's Marathon Monday, I came across a group that meets bi-weekly to run and socialize. The best part? "Running This Week" is made up of runners at every skill level. Fast to slow, high mileage to low mileage. Unfortunately they meet when I am at work, but it did give me hope that there are other semi-slow runners out there that won't stress me out during a group run. I now have new faith in social running.

I don't know if it will work during training, but I may be on a hunt for a running club in the near future!

My training schedule for the week is posted below, and you can check out this week's Marathon Monday segment here.

And finally tonight, I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to Cassidy. She was the best dog anyone could have asked for, and we were lucky to have her for almost 14 years. We love you, DeeDee. Thanks for being a part of our family.

Sunday- Off (or non-weight bearing exercise)
Monday- Off (or non-weight bearing exercise)
Tuesday- Run 6 miles
Wednesday- Run 7 miles
Thursday- Run 4 miles
Friday- Off (or non-weight bearing exercise)
Saturday- Run 12 miles

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