Monday, April 23, 2012

Starting Over... Again.

It's been seven weeks since I tore my calf muscle and had to stop training for the marathon. Since then I haven't exactly been active. First I was waiting for a diagnosis, then I was waiting to start physical therapy, then... well... I just wasn't doing much of anything. A yoga class here, and elliptical there, you get the gist.

Physical therapy was great, though. My therapist was a super friendly guy named Albert. He did deep tissue (ouch) massages on my calf, along with some ultrasound thing that basically felt like electric pulses going into the injured part of my leg. I was told it was designed to break up scar tissue. Albert also gave me assignments every week... from certain forms of stretching, to using a rolling pin on the back of my legs after exercise. At least the rolling pin got used. I don't really bake, so it's been sitting dormant in my kitchen for years.

Last week marked my last PT session. That means I was deemed ready to run, and it was time to get to work.

I made today my starting day. I mapped out a schedule for myself, basically using the same training plan that I was on before (from the beginning), but this time, there is no race scheduled. I'm not running to get across any finish lines... I'm just running to run, and to see where it will take me.

Today was day one.

The only problem is: running is hard again!

I was scheduled for three miles today. The weekend's rain had also invaded Monday, and that meant I had an appointment with the dreadmill. Ugh. I hatehatehatehate the treadmill. But... three miles? Psssh. I can do three miles no problem. Easiest thing ever, right? Wrong.

I don't know if it was the lack of running for seven weeks, my loathing for the treadmill, or maybe a mix of the two, but it was a struggle. It boggles my mind that I could go from running 14 problem free miles to huffing and puffing through three in a matter of weeks. I know I need to be patient and remember that it will get easier, little by little. At this point though, it's difficult to be that forward thinking.

This is my plan for this week in case you're interested:

Sun: OFF
Mon: 3 miles
Tues: OFF
Wed: 4 miles
Thurs: 3 miles
Fri: OFF
Sat: 4 miles

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